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M Series Robots

Kawasaki Robotics

This robot has a maximum load of 700kg strong. Design provides superior strength and handling necessary to lift heavy objects with ease and accuracy. Compact profile is obtained by using a revolutionary joint axis 3 (JT3). Using advanced technologies in engine design, the robot supports high torque on the joints.

M Series Robots are ideal for handling automobile engines, parts of the body, handling large tools in automotive production processes, handling of large castings, building materials, large appliances.


  1. Compared with conventional robots in the same category, which require large counterweights that increase the risk of collision and also reduce the work space, innovative design used in making joints Kawasaki (own patent) allowed elimination of redundant counterweight and increase working space.
  2. A great moment of torque (5488 Nm) was achieved by the engine using high power MX700N on all 6 axes, they are used normally only for the main axes. Thus it is possible to handle the tasks at maximum nominal value at a considerable distance from the joint flange surface finals.
  3. Robots are equipped with safety systems and collision detection software to control and mitigate the vibration, so that they can handle heavy loads smoothly and safely. In addition, mechanical and electrical limiters can be provided optional.
  4. There are four standard models MX700N, 500N, 420L and 350L (max. 700, 500, 420 350 kg respectively). MX500N MX700N and have a maximum range of 2540mm, while MX350L MX420L and have longer arms. MX500N, MX420L and MX350L are variants of the same modular robot. From the same range also includes and MT400N - for mounting in the console - and MD400N and palletizing robot MD500N.

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